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We have the best in class application on the market for driving schools. Easy, safe and reliable. We bring enterprise level skills to your business at an affordable price.

About Us

We provide IT and software solutions to small businesses. Located in New York we started from the ground up making software solutions to solve many of the same problems faced by many business owners. We build applications that are the best in it's class. It is always safe, secure and accessible from anywhere.

About our team

Our developers have a background in building secure quality software for the Banking Industry, Entertainment Industry and Retail Industry. That expertise is leveraged directly into our application. We protect your data against serious web attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS), request forgery, injection attacks, broken authentication and much more. We are constantly staying up to date to the latest threats.

Your business should be easy to manage Let us help

We design software that can be easily accessed from any device anywhere in the world.
We have top notch security and privacy built right into our application.
Our program offers huge savings in both time and money. Your staff and your wallet will thank you.